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Casa de La Lonja is the ideal starting point for your visit to Granada.

In the center of Granada, in front of the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel of Granada and only 15 minutes walk away from the Alhambra of Granada.

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Own guides for Alhambra


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-Alhambra’s authorized point of sale: Granada Pernocta, which includes the tickets for Alhambra and other monuments.

-Own guides for the Alhambra, discover every secret.

-One of the best flamenco shows in the city, you can even dinner.

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-Free walking tours. Know the city, we recommend you the

  • Discover  Granada. If you want see unique places, let us guide you.
  • You can also finde all the info about museums, expositions and activities in sobre museos, exposiciones y actividades de la ciudad en www.granadatur.com