What is a Lonja?

A Lonja is the place where the commercial activity in the cities is controlled for all kinds of products, that is why each zone had its own denomination; meat lonja, fish lonja… In Granada, the streets of “La Alcaicería”, a few meters from our accommodation, house the old silk market. It was the Emperor Justinian who granted the silk trade to the Arab markets, and it spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Today the whole environment of the cathedral continues having a lot of commercial activity, preserving the features of the Arab souks, and with some memories of the bustling activity of the Nasrid silk market.
All the buildings in the area are of the same type, the commercial activity on the ground floor, and the upper rooms dedicated to the homes of the merchants.

Our building has been restored respecting the original facade of the s.XIX and is part of the protected environment of the Cathedral of Granada.